100 m2 P10 Outdoor Led Screen

Led screen construction and installation process
The electronic production of the 100 m2 led screen to be placed in front of the store building was completed in 1 week in our factory in Istanbul, the construction of the pedestal was made in front of the store building in Haramidere, and the led screen cases were mounted on the pedestal in about 4 working days, the commissioning and operation phase was completed in 1 working day.

100 m2 P10 outdoor led screen was delivered to the user in the form of 100 pcs 96x96cm totem cabinets without any cover. HD-A602 led control card has been selected for the display control unit.

Project completion time
The project was completed in 15 days.

Warranty period
All our products are guaranteed for 2 years.

Materials used in 100 m2 P10 Led display

P10 Outdoor 1800 Pieces
Power source
Adapter 5V 60 Amp 300 Pieces
Control card
1 HD Sender Card 100 HD Receiver Cards
96×96 Cm Totem Inside RGB Laser Case 100 Pieces