We produce industrial led display, led sign and led panel that can work in the outdoor environments.

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Queued Led Panel For Horse Hospitals

Queued Led Panel

TJK At Hospitals Sorted Led Panel

Queued Led Panel , Specially prepared for T.J.K Adana, Ankara, Istanbul, Izmit and Izmir hospitals, Siramatik LED Panel .

Turkey Jockey Club preferred our company for the supply of Queued Led Panel with integrated sequential system for equine hospitals.

Technical features and construction phase of 3 x 160X192 and 6 x 64×192 sequential LED panel systems installed in hospitals .

For 3 160×192 LED panels , which made in the orthopedics department , we used these parts :

  • 60 pieces of P10 16×32 red modules
  • 5 pieces of 60 Ampere adapter
  • 1 piece of sequential driver card

Also , we used special software in each panel . In addition , we mounted Panels on totem top , outdoor and indoor.

For 3 x 64×192 LED Panels , which made to the internal medicine and x-ray departments , we used these parts :

  • 24 P10 16×32 red modules
  • 5 60 amp adapters
  • 1 sequential driver card

Also , we used special software in each panel . More over , we mounted Panels on totem top , outdoor and indoor.

in conculusion , Thanks to our special software developed by our company . Also , all panels are T.J.K. It has been integrated into the Horse Hospitals system and the sequential setups with buttons have been completed . Finally , İYİLED thank the Jockey Club of Turkey for choosing our company .

LED Panel Route Signage

LED Panel Route Signage


As a result of the studies carried out by the İYİLED marketing service, we gladly undertook the production of Led panel route signage designed to be used in the buses of Izmir, Kocaeli and Izmit municipalities as İYİLED.

Although the requests of our customers are not far from the design of the classical bus route signs, we have entered into a very long sample study due to their attention to detail.


Since the Led panel route signage is used in a very rough environment according to the road conditions , we decided to create the outer casing frame from aluminum profile . For this reason, we painted the aluminum profiles produced at the request of our customer with electrostatic black paint and obtained a black casing . In addition , we used plastic corners at the junction points to prevent it from forming , also produced the back cover of the case from a durable 3 mm black plastic material that will not produce noise in shocks .


The power supply of the led route signs is slightly different compared to the classical led signs. The LED Panel Route Sign receives its energy from the battery of the vehicle used. Adapters that can convert the 12 V power supply to 5V power are generally quite large in volume. Also, it needed to produce energy without heating problem. So, thanks to the thin power supply produced with the contribution of engineer staff of our supplier in China . In addition, we produced a led adapter that can work for many years without heating problems.


Colors are universal and we usually understand what it represents when we look at a color . Because Yellow color it represents temporaryness , it is usually used in transportation works . Therefore, the color choice of LED panel we use in bus route signs was yellow led panel.


The most important part that provides an image by animating the led panels is the led control card . We used two types of led control cards according to the wishes of our customers . In the production of led route sign , Remote Control Supported Led Control Card :

  • Led Control Card With Classic Button Control
  • Led Control Floor Without Button And Remote

İYİLED is able to offer advanced solutions . By shaping its Led Display and Led Signage technologies according to the wishes of its customers. The led sign productions we have produced for municipalities are still continuing in our factory. When we provide a service and our customer are satisfy It is a pleasure for us .

Anpa Gross Markets

Anpa Gross Markets

Double-sided P10 RGB led signboard designed with pool frame magnet system in 32×16 cm dimensions

Projecting phase

In our project of customer information sign above the cash register, which Anpa Gross Markets wants to use in all its stores, at the request of the store managers, announcing whether the cash register is available, listening to the data from the store cash register program on the local network and depending on the availability of the cashier, and adding the cash register number on the sign in green and depending on the situation. We have developed an application that runs in the background with the ability to turn it red.

Led screen construction and installation process

We produced the application that will run in the background for the control of the double-sided P10 RGB led signboard, designed with a 32×16 cm pool case magnet system, with C# software language. Thanks to the SDK support offered to the Huidu brand E63 led control card, the software we have produced listens on the local network and takes action according to the availability of the cashier. changes the color of the sign by announcing the availability of the cash register.

The R&D and software production process of the product to be used in the pilot store of the Anpa Gross supermarket chain was completed in an average of 15 days, the assembly and commissioning of the cash registers was completed in 5 working days.

Project completion time

The project was completed in 20 days.

Warranty period

All our products are guaranteed for 2 years.

Materials used in 32×16 cm P10 Led sign

  • Panel 

        P10 RGB Outdoor 2 pcs

  • Power source

        Adapter 5V 40 Amp 1 Piece

  • Control card

       1 Piece HD E63 Led Control Board

  • Till

       32×16 Cm Magnet System Pool Type Laser Case 1 Piece

Municipality of Bulanik

municipality of bulanik

P6 Totem Led Display

Muş Province Bulanık District Led Screen Project

Our company has been awarded the right to produce and install the led screen by offering the best price offer in the P6 led screen project, which was opened in front of the Bulanik county center municipality, which was opened by the Bulanik district municipality of Muş province.

Technical information and construction phase of the P6 totem led screen product installed in the city center of Bulanık district;

The 12m2 double-sided LED screen, which is 24m2 in total, is produced by using 24 cabinets and 18 P6 16×32 RGB SMD modules, 3 60 amp adapters and 1 reciever card in each cabinet. A601 model sender card with WIFI supported remote access was used for the general control of the LED screen system and the remote access system.

The P6 led screen, which was requested to be produced within 20 days according to the tender conditions of the municipality of Bulanık, was completed at the end of the 15th day and its installation was provided by our technical team in 2 working days. We would like to thank the Bulanık district municipality for choosing our company.

Eruh Municipality

Eruh Municipality

p10 led panel

Siirt Eruh Municipality Led Screen Project

The totem led screen contract for the Eruh municipality of Siirt province was signed as a result of our face-to-face meeting with the Eruh district governor, who was appointed as the mayor, and the production started.

216 12×32 p10 led panels, 36 60 amp LED adapters, 12 hd distributor cards, 1 main board, 1 video processor with live broadcast feature, 1 air conditioner and 3 meter high led screen totem was used.
After the led screen production was prepared as 96×96 cm led screen cabinets in our Istanbul workshop, after being shipped to Eruh District of Siirt province, the Freeled assembly team set out for Eruh.

In line with the possibilities provided by our Eruh dealer, who did not spare us all kinds of support during the assembly phase to be held in Eruh, the production of led screen totem and anchorage was completed by the Freeled team in a workshop in the center of Eruh.

The delivery period, which we determined as 20 working days in the contract signed with the district governor, was completed and delivered in a short time like 10 days, attracting the attention of all Eruh people, especially the district governor, and caused the appreciation of our production team.

We would also like to thank our hardworking and devoted assembly team, who went to almost every city and district of Turkey and completed the LED screen installation properly.

Nusaybin Municipality


12m2 P10 Outdoor Led Display With 3 Totems

Led Screen Mardin Nusaybin Project

The contract and agreement phase of our Mardin Nusaybin led screen work took longer than we expected, after many procedures and signed documents, the led screen production was started by getting the approval of the governor, who was appointed as the mayor as a trustee.

Our Nusaybin led screen project consists of 12 square meters p10 outdoor 3 totem led screens. During the installation of these three led screens, 36 led cnc cases, 36 distributor cards, 648 16×32 p10 rgb led panels, 3 main boards, 144 led adapters, 3 air conditioners and 3 led display totems were used.

The LED screen was installed on the intersection of 8 Mart Mahallesi Mardin Yolu Street and Nevruz Boulevard and Yeşilkent Mahallesi Çağ Avenue. The third Led Screen was installed in the Peace Park in the center of the bazaar.

We wish that the led screen systems established to explain the works of the Nusaybin trustee municipality and to inform the public will bring peace and tranquility to Nusaybin.

Gaziantep Oğuzeli

Gaziantep Oğuzeli

Led Screen Gaziantep Oğuzeli Project

The led screen production we have made in the town of Oğuzeli, which is 50 km away from Gaziantep, was determined as 10 working days after the contract was signed.

The assembly period, continued by the Freeled manufacturing team from the date of the contract, started with the production of 12 pieces of 96 x96 led cases. The led screen cases, which are produced as laser cases, are manufactured using a special aluminum, approximately 2 mm thicker than the usual led screen cases.

For the led screen to be installed in Oğuzeli district, 300 cm led display totem stand, 288×384 cm led screen totem case is used, while 432 16×16 rgb led panels, 36 60 amp outdoor led adapters are used in the led screen electronics part, 12 dealer cards and 1 main card were used.

The LED screen assembly, which was carried out with difficulty in cold weather conditions, was completed within 3 days with the coating of the led screen totem coating with white color composite.

Erzurum Municipality

Erzurum Municipality

P10 RGB Led Panel

Erzurum Municipality Led Screen Project

Upon the request of the Erzurum metropolitan municipality data processing department from our company, we started our led screen project to be placed in various parts of Erzurum municipality.

The production and assembly of 8 12 square meters totem led screens, all of which were produced in the Freeled electronics factory, were done in a period of 3 months in total.

In the production of each desired led screen, … P10 RGB Led Panels, … led reciever cards … led control cards were used, with the remote connection management of mobile devices such as mobile phones, computers and tablets, upon the request of developing technology and municipal authorities, of the screens whose production was completed. programmed to be managed.

Led screen totem production, necessary anchor casting and metal used in totem production were also realized as a result of the work done by Freeled electronic metallurgy department.

Ergene Municipality

Ergene Municipality

ÇORLU Ergene Municipality Led Screen Project

While our led screen installations were going on all over the country, the 12 m2 led screen request from the Çorlu province Ergene district municipality, which we had never done before, caused us to act extremely willingly.

When I thought of Çorlu, which I had visited many times before, the analogy of small Istanbul immediately came to mind. LED screen installation in our industrially highly developed city of Çorlu would reveal a very promising situation for us.

When the production preparations started without wasting time, the fact that the municipal authorities left all the design to the freeled team will have increased our responsibility. by giving up the thought of simple totem led display. We turned to a different concept that has visual value from an architectural point of view.

The design that the Freeled assembly and sales team designed and came up with was to be a double-sided screen with a totem that required a different us system.

Although there are no special design expenses in the budget that will be allocated for the Çorlu- Ergene municipality led screen systems, as a freeled electronics company, we started to work by bearing the price difference.

The “L” shaped led display totem anchorage iron was first prepared for the led screen systems that were designed to be “L” shaped. This prepared led screen clamping iron was buried in the area determined by the municipality in Çorlu- Ergene district and the surrounding was concreted.

Although the preparation and especially the transportation of the “L” shaped led display totem requires more labor and time than we anticipated, it is extremely exciting to produce led screens that will attract the attention of all Ergene people with the totem visual as well as the led screen image designed by the freeled sales and technical team. had happened.

When the installation of the double-sided LED screen systems prepared for the Çorlu-Ergene district was completed and started to operate, the entire Freeled electronic installation team shared their pictures taken in front of the totem LED screen on social media to share their sense of success with the freeled sales team.

Installing such a led screen in the province of Çorlu, which has a highly developed industry as Freeled electronics, would gain prestige rather than financial gain, and it did. Many phone and led screen requests after the led screen assembly showed once again that we were not mistaken as freeled electronics.

Freeled Elektronik will continue to make a difference in the LED display industry with its new projects, with its successful sales policy, successful works and determined attitude.

Fuego Clup

P4 Indoor Led Display

stanbul FUEGO Club P4 Indoor Led Screen

As a result of the meeting with FUEGO Club officials, which was newly opened in Istanbul Etiler, 1 192 cm x 288 cm P4 indoor led screen was placed behind the DJ booth, and 1 96 cm x 256 cm P4 indoor led screen was placed on the front of the DJ booth. It was decided to produce led screen.

The construction phase of the P4 indoor led screen, which is produced in total 8 m2 for FUEGO Club, is as follows

A total of 156 16×32 cm p4 indoor led panels were used for the p4 indoor led screen produced in two separate parts, a total of 16 HD-RS501S reciever cards and 1 HD-A602 cender card were used for the image transfer of the panels. With the hard work and outstanding success of our production team, the screen production was completed in 1 day and installed at FUEGO Club on the same night.

We would like to thank FUEGO Club officials for choosing our company in the production of led screens.