4 m2 outdoor led screen with P10 mm pixel totem

As a result of the negotiations we had with our customer, a construction company of Iraqi origin, we exported the desired 24 m2 led screen with totem to the newly built football stadium in Baghdad, and provided the installation by the personnel we sent to Iraq.

Led screen construction and installation process;

The production of the totem led screen system, which is required to be placed outside the stadium where football matches will be played, was completed within 7 days in our factory, we packed the product according to the international cargo rules and completed the export. The personnel we sent for the product installation collected the product within 5 working days and delivered it.


24 pcs 96×96 cm DKP laser cut case
1 HD – A602 led control card
72 pcs 5V 60 Amp power supply
432 Pieces 16x32cm p10 outdoor led panel