We produce industrial led display, led sign and led panel that can work in the outdoor environments.

32*96 RGB Led Signage

Campaign Details
It is a campaign product, it is valid for orders placed in December 2021. The product is limited to stocks, it cannot be combined with another campaign or the product cannot be enlarged on the product of the campaign, a maximum of two can be ordered at a time, VAT is not included in the product price.

Technical Specifications for 32×96 RGB Signage
The rgb led sign, which is formed by fixing 6 p10 rgb smd panels on the laser case made of .80 mm DKP sheet, gets its power from 5v/60 amps 1 adapter. The control card used in the led sign is the HD-U6075 model of the Huidu brand. It is suitable for outdoor use, the panels are resistant to rain water at IP65 level from the front. Led signage can play certain graphics, can run gif-format pictures, but cannot play videos due to its processor capacity. Our product is designed for horizontal use, the product shown in the picture, when used vertically, the desired performance may not be achieved.


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